• Susie MacLeod

Caring for your feet in winter

Who’s secretly happy to hide their feet again now boot-season is upon us? You’re not alone. Just because feet inevitably go into hiding in autumn and winter though, it doesn’t mean you should ignore them. Far from it. Feet have a blood supply that is affected by climate. As the temperature fluctuates the skin is left hot or cold. When your feet feel cold, it means the skin’s blood supply to the top layers of the skin have been reduced to preserve heat. No wonder they get dry like chapped lips - even without being exposed to the elements. All the more reason to maintain your foot care.

Keep Feet Smooth

The appearance of dry skin takes the form of excess dead skin on the surface of our feet. Before applying your moisturiser use a pumice stone or metal file once a week to keep feet smooth.

Keep Feet Hydrated

Apply a moisturiser to still-damp feet after every bath or shower. Creams with ingredients including shea butter, vitamin E or jojoba are very effective at preventing moisture loss.

Protect your Feet

Skip the wool socks when it’s chilly outside. The rubbing of wool against your feet removes natural fats from the skin, causing moisture loss. A better bet: soft, cotton socks. In the house, keep slippers or socks on - walking barefoot creates friction that dries feet out.

During the summer, we take extra care of our feet but look after your feet this winter and before you know it you'll be back in sandals or simply going barefoot on the sand.

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